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Receive error opening console: "No exports were found that match the constraint... cannot set import"
Answer ID 8125   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

Why do I receive an error "No exports...  cannot set import" when opening the Oracle B2C Service console?


Oracle B2C Service Console


When opening the console, the following error is encountered:

"No exports were found that match the constraint:
ContractName Oracle.RightNow.Cti.MediaBar.IMediaBarProvider
RequiredTypeIdentity Oracle.RightNow.Cti.MediaBar.IMediaBarProvider
Resulting in: Cannot set import 'Oracle.RightNow.Cti.AddIn.MediaBarAddIn.MediaBar
(ContractName="Oracle.RightNow.Cti.MediaBar.IMediaBarProvider")' on part 'Oracle.RightNow.Cti.AddIn.MediaBarAddIn'."


If building add-ins and the error is encountered, clear all files from the following directory, then rebuild your project in Visual Studio:


If not building add-ins, then rename or backup and then delete the contents of this directory:


The console will attempt to load anything in this directory when it starts.