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Error "Problems During Load - Unknown" during export to Excel file
Answer ID 10118   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why do I see "Problems During Load - Unknown" error while exporting to Excel file?


Analytics, Oracle B2C Service all versions


Error "Problems During Load - Unknown" is an MS Excel engine error. It returned when at least one of the exported records contain hyperlink/URL that is pointing to the server or PC locally stored file (can only be accessed from the application or from a single workstation).



"C:\New Folder\Example2.pdf"

MS Excel engine performs a URL check and errors since it unable to reach the local file.

This is specifically related to the column formatting where text values displayed as a URL:

  1. Right Click on a Column
  2. Edit Format
  3. URL tab
  4. Use cell value as URL

In such occasion we recommend to export to CSV file instead. URL check is not performed during the export because links in Comma-Separated Values files stored as a plain text.

Additionally, column formatting can be set back to default where cell value displayed as a text. In this case data can be exported directly to Excel file.