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Cobrowse is not working after upgrade
Answer ID 8066   |   Last Review Date 02/27/2019

Why does Cobrowse no longer work after upgrading to the newest version?




Some additional configuration is necessary after upgrading from Cobrowse version 1 the legacy version to Cobrowse version 4 the newest release of Cobrowse.  It is recommended you use the Enhanced Service Console with the new version.  Also, after upgrade you must remove all references to the Cobrowse version 1 widgets from your customer portal pages and replace them with the following new Cobrowse Premium widgets designed to be used with Cobrowse version 4.

  • chat/ChatCobrowsePremium - should be used on the chat/chat_landing.php page
  • utils/CobrowsePremium - should be used in the templates/standard.php

The utils/CobrowsePremium widget provides access to the launcher js. Putting this widget in the template provides Cobrowse access to all end-user pages that use the template.

You will want to make sure your incident and chat workspaces are setup with the Cobrowse control and the proper permissions are granted in the profiles. For further information on Cobrowse, refer to the Chat and Cobrowse Community and the Configure Cobrowse on a Chat Workspace section in online documentation.

If you would like assistance setting up Cobrowse on your site you can reach out to your Account Manager and discuss purchasing Oracle Consulting Services or talk with a certified partner about getting help.