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Screenshare button grayed out and Cobrowse displays 'does not support version' message
Answer ID 7858   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

Why is the Screenshare button grayed out and the Cobrowse control displays an alert message?


Chat, Cobrowse


When a chat is initiated the Screenshare button is grayed out and the Cobrowse control status displays:

"The customers environment does not support this version of Cobrowse"


Cobrowse requires the enhanced console.   The Screenshare button will be grayed out if using the legacy console.

This issue can also be caused when the cobrowse launcher javascript is not accessible or if the Cobrowse widgets are not properly placed on the website pages. The recommended widget configuration is:

  • chat/ChatCobrowsePremium - should be used on the chat/chat_landing.php page
  • utils/CobrowsePremium - should be used in the templates/standard.php

The utils/CobrowsePremium widget provides access to the launcher js. Putting this widget in the template provides Cobrowse access to all end-user pages that use the template.

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