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Configuring advanced chat routing
Answer ID 7826   |   Last Review Date 03/06/2021

How do we configure advanced chat routing?


Oracle B2C Service, B2C Service Chat


The chat advanced routing feature was introduced in order to allow you to route incoming chats to agents with specific language or product skills. Routing chats to agents with a specific skill set ensures that customers’ questions are answered accurately and efficiently. Administrators will be able to track the performance of advanced routing of chat sessions using standard reports.

A skill requirement relaxation timer has been added to Advanced Routing for Chat. This skill relaxation gives you the flexibility to better control agent assignment based on their skills, while eliminating long wait times for customers to be matched with an agent with the right skill set.

Enhancements to Chat advanced routing ensure that new chat requests will be routed to the agent with the fewest number of active chats.

For information and pricing and to have this feature enabled, please contact your Sales Account Manager.

Once enabled, to configuring advanced chat routing for your site you will need to follow these steps:

1. Define products and categories.  Refer to Adding, editing or removing Service products and categories 

2. Add product and category fields to your site's chat launch page. Refer to Popular Answers About Customer Portal

3. Create an advanced routing chat queue from Configuration -> Application Appearance -> Customizable menus -> System Menus -> Chat Queues.

4. Create and activate a chat business rule to route chats to the advanced routing chat queue from Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Rules -> Chat (in the ribbon).  Refer to Overview of business rule functionality

5.  Select the Skill Edit profile permission to allow staff members in these profiles to add and edit product skills and language skills.  Configuration -> Staff management -> Profiles -> {open the desired profile} -> Permissions (in the ribbon) -> Administration tab.

6.  Add the Product Skills editor and Language Skills editor to the navigation sets for staff members who will add and edit product skills and language skills.  These editors are in the Common folder under Components.  Refer to Creating and customizing navigation sets

7.  Define product skills from the Product Skills editor and language skills from the Language Skills editor.

8.  Select "Enable Advance Routing" under Chat Agent Permissions in profiles from Configuration -> Staff management -> Profiles -> {open the desired profile} -> Permissions (in the ribbon) -> Service tab -> Chat. Make sure your agents have access to the advanced routing chat queue defined in the business rule and that you grant them chat permissions. You can also select two options for a chat routing queue by setting a value for Primary or Overflow options.

9. Assign skills and skill scores to the profile from Configuration -> Staff Management -> Profiles -> {open the desired profile} -> select Skills from the ribbon.

     a.  The Profile Skills page opens

     b.  Select the Product tab

     c.  Select a product from the drop-down menu

     d.  Click the green plus sign to add it to the profile

     e.  Assign the skill a score from 1 to 5

     f.  Select the Language tab

     g.  Select a language from the drop-down menu

     h.  Click the green plus sign to add it to the profile

     i.  Check the box under Score to enable the language skill

     j.  Click the Save and Close button on the ribbon.   

Note:  Skills can also be assigned to accounts, as well as profiles.  To assign skills to an account, open the account and select Skills from the ribbon.  Add product and language skills to the account as outlined in step 9 above.

Products and categories selected by the customer when requesting a chat determine the product skill associated to the chat.  The language of the customer portal page from which the chat was initiated determines the languate skill associated to the chat.  If your customer is viewing the English version of the customer portal when they initiate the chat, connecting them to a chat agent fluent in English is going to provide the best experience.  If your customer is looking for information about your newest product, connecting them to a chat agent who is an expert with that product is going to provide the quickest resolution.

Additionally, you can track the performance of advanced routing of chat sessions using standard reports available at Public Reports -> Service -> Advanced Routing. Note: these reports are only available when Advanced Routing is enabled on the site.


For additional information, refer to the 'Configuring Advanced Routing for Chat' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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