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Chats do not have an incident associated
Answer ID 7634   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

We have recently observed chats that do not have an incident associated even though our workspace options are set to do so. Why is this happening?


Chat, Agent Console


In the enhanced console, it is possible to cancel the creation of an incident prior to the completion of a chat session. This will result in a chat with no incident association.

If your chat workspace options are set to create/associate a related incident at the beginning of a chat, an incident reference number will be reserved. However, the incident will be committed to the database only after the chat is terminated.

Therefore, if before terminating a chat, an agent clicks on the reference number, selects "Open" and then clicks on "Cancel" the following warning message will be presented:


By selecting "Yes", the association between the chat and the incident will not be committed.