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Explains when an incident is created during a chat session
Answer ID 6084   |   Last Review Date 09/29/2018

When is an incident created during a chat session?


Chat - Agent Console, Workspaces


Beginning in the November 2010 release and the introduction of Flexible Incident Editing, incidents created from chat will always contain the full chat transcript.  Administrators control if, when, and how an incident is created.  This is done via the Options button on the chat workspace designer.

For additional information on available chat workspace Options, refer to Answer ID 4189: Chat Flexible Incident Editing.

During a chat session, a 'placeholder' incident is created. The incident record exists only within the agent console at this point.  This 'placeholder' incident is created either at the beginning or end of a chat session, depending on the workspace options set. Once the chat session concludes or a Save action is done on the incident, this is when the incident record is written to the database (i.e. i_id is written to the chats and incidents table).

As an example, let's say the workspace is set to 'create an incident at the beginning of a chat session'. While in a chat session, the agent will see the Incident field populated with a reference number.  If the workspace is set to 'create an incident at the end of the session', the Incident field will show no value.  However, it is only upon completing the chat session or the agent saving the incident that it is actually written to the database (i.e. record details saved in the incidents table).

NOTE: This is the only way an incident can be associated with a chat in the 'chats' table at the database level. Once chat has terminated, an incident can no longer be associated with that particular chat. There is, however, an option in the 'All Chats' report(ID 3017) to right-click a certain record and select Add - Add to New Incident which will create a new incident and insert the chat transcript into the incident note. What this does at the database level is link the chat to the contact that initiated it.

It is also possible for the workspace to be configured to not create an incident from a chat session. Within the workspace options, if 'No' is selected for both the 'create at beginning' and 'create at end' options, then no incident will be created upon completion of a chat session.

For more information, refer to the 'Creating incidents from chat sessions' section in the online documentation for your version.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.