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Report shows incorrectly a chat was handled by an agent
Answer ID 11863   |   Last Review Date 06/09/2021

Why does the chat or the chat survey belong to an agent who has not actually handled the chat?


Chat, Analytics, Survey
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Reports are showing an agent has handled a chat, although the chat transcript does not show the agent was ever involved in the chat session. The survey resulted from the chat is also assigned to that agent, even if he never talked to the customer.


Occasionally, an end user can cancel a chat while the toast pop up notification is displayed to an agent. This may happen before any agent has accepted the chat, or after the chat has been transferred to another queue. Although the new agent does not have time to accept the chat before the end user cancels the request, the 'chats' table will still record the value of this agent's account, as he was the last agent involved in the chat process. 

When this happens, any survey resulted from that chat will also appear to belong to the last agent who was offered the chat, even if they did not have time to engage with the end user. This behavior is expected. 

In order to confirm the chat is falling under this scenario, you can review the Chat Events report (AcId 3054), where you should first notice the Agent Engagement Invitation event, followed by the End-User Disconnected and Chat Canceled events, for which a value should exist under the Client ID column, i.e. the agent_client_id of the agent who was offered the chat and is now assigned to the chat/chat survey.