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Proactive Chat widget cookie
Answer ID 6794   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why does the Proactive Chat widget only present itself to the end user once?


Proactive Chat Widget


The proactive chat widget by design will set a cookie on the end user's browser once a chat offer has been presented. This is by design to prevent end users from continually getting chat offers each time they visit the same page.

If you are testing the functionality of this widget, you will need to clear your cookies each time, in order to get the proactive chat to trigger repeatedly. Chat sessions are not offered in the following situations:

  • If the customer’s browser does not accept cookies, no chat is offered during the customer session.
  • If the widget looks for a chat queue ten times without finding one, no chat is offered on that page.
  • If a chat is offered (whether or not it is accepted), a cookie is set and no more chat offers are made during the current customer session.
  • If a chat is offered and the customer refuses, a cookie is set and no more chat offers are made for 30 days.

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