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User_transactions are in the future
Answer ID 6547   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

When looking at a report that pulls user transactions, we are seeing some dates that are in the future. How?


Agent Desktop / Environmental


Time stamps for the 'user_trans' table are coming from the machine time stamp. This can be reproduced by performing the following:

1. Log into the console
2. Edit an incident
3. Save the incident
4. Query the 'user_trans' table and notice the time stamps are correct
5. Change the system date on desktop to a date in the future
6. Edit an incident
7. Receive an error (because the times are out of sync)
8. Log out of the console
9. Log back into the console
10. Edit an incident
11. Save the incident
12. Query the 'user_trans' table and notice the time stamp is the date in the future

Please know the "in the future" behavior is as designed, as we do not support changing the system clock while logged into the application.

If you are encountering this behavior and it has been determined the agent's system clock has not been changed, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support for further investigation.