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Viewing the Log files when going to Configuration > Site Configuration in the CX application
Answer ID 6195   |   Last Review Date 07/23/2019

How do I view the Log file information when going to Configuration > Site Configuration in the CX application?


Log Viewer, Administrator Actions, Site Configurations
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Log files let you view errors and other information generated by the CGI and PHP scripts, the Techmail and Agedatabase utilities, and Oracle RightNow CX products. The log files can be helpful in troubleshooting issues with your Oracle RightNow CX application.

The following log files are available in the log viewer.

Error log - This log contains application and data errors.

Info log—This log contains informational errors, such as processing too much data.

Security log—This log contains security errors, such as an invalid security string.

External Search log—This log describes external searches of your site’s pages performed by spiders or robots. See View External Search Logs.

Rule log—This log describes the business rules that have fired against a specified record. See Verifying rules using the rule log.

In order to open the log files, go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Logs, select the corresponding log file you would like to open, and select the options from the drop-down menus.  The columns in the error, info, and security logs display the name of the application that generated the message, the error type, and the date and time the event occurred. Details of the first message in the list are also shown.  In order to view the details of a specific message, select the message on the log.

Please note, the log files are regularly "rolled up" meaning only recent errors will be shown in the console. The frequency of this process is primarily defined by the size of the file and if you experience many errors on your site a roll up of that log can happen several times a day. If you have experienced an error in the past 30 days and need assistance with investigation please submit an SR to Technical Support for further investigation.

For additional information, refer to the Open Log Files section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.