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My report shows an agent logged in longer than the SESSION_HARD_TIMEOUT setting
Answer ID 10320   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

Why does my report show an agent still logged in even though it's past the SESSION_HARD_TIMEOUT threshold?

Analytics / Reports
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)
This could happen if your report uses the user_trans table and the agent put their computer in sleep mode instead of logging out of the Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) console.
The user_trans table requires an active connection to the server, in order for the table to be updated. Thus, the table will not update with an end_dttm time when the agent's connection is inactive. If your report does a comparison of the end_dttm time compared to the start_dttm time, the length of time may be higher than the SESSION_HARD_TIMEOUT due to no end_dttm being recorded while the agent's computer is inactive.
Once the agent re-activates their computer, the application becomes active as well and communication with the server is resumed. At that point, the B2C Service application pings the server and the server then does a comparison to the SESSION_HARD_TIMEOUT setting. If the threshold has been met, then it displays the login prompt, requesting the agent to re-enter their B2C Service credentials. Once the agent logs back in, the end_dttm field in the user_trans table is updated with a timestamp as that login event has ended and a new one has begun. 
As of B2C Service version, August 2016, the standard "Logged in Staff Accounts" report now uses the account_session_history table instead of user_trans. This table is updated regardless of whether the agent has an active connection to the server. The ac_id of this current report is ac_id 13121. If you updated your site from a prior version the "Logged in Staff Accounts" report in your navigation set may be using the previous version of "Logged in Staff Accounts" which utilizes the user_trans table. That older version's ac_id is 13006. Updating the navigation set and/or rebuilding custom reports originally based on ac_id 13006 is recommended.
Further details regarding the SESSION_HARD_TIMEOUT configuration setting: Agent session locked even though he is logged in and active.