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Enabling and customizing the Support Home page
Answer ID 58   |   Last Review Date 04/11/2022

How can I edit and utilize the Support Home page?


Customer Portal, End-user Pages


Within the Customer Portal (CP) end-user pages, the home.php  file defines the functionality of the Support Home page. Staff whose profile allows access to the Customer Portal Admin Area can edit and customize the home.php file. This includes adding or removing widgets, text and features from the file.  Editing of the pages must be done within the Development Area, then changes staged and promoted for public users to see the updates.Customer Portal Deployment Manager

The path to access the home.php file is: https://<sitename>/dav/cp/customer/development/views/pages/home.php

To disable the Support Home page in the CP pages:  You must remove reference to the home.php file from other files and templates. In addition, you must set the default Home page to be another page in your CP pages.

  1. Remove references to the Home page.  The default CP files include a tab for the Home page in the navigation bar.  By default, the buttons across the top of the page is defined in the standard.php template.  Edit the template to remove reference to the home.php file. 
    If you have customized other pages to link to the Home page, you must edit those files as well to remove the link to the home.php file.
  2. Set the default end-user page to be another page.  Set the CP_HOME_URL configuration setting to another of your CP pages.  Some widgets include a redirect function to Home page.   By setting the default home page to another file, the user is directed to the page you define.

    For example, you can set the CP_HOME_URL setting to answers/list so that when users log in, they are directed to the Answers List page by default.

    The access this setting, select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > search by Key. Editing configuration settings