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Customizing the Ask a Question page
Answer ID 545   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

How can I customize the Ask a Question page?


Customer Portal, End-user Pages


The ask.php file contains the content of the Ask a Question page. The ask.php file is located in the euf/development/views/pages directory and includes several widgets.

For more information on the individual widgets, including the available attributes, refer to the Widget Documentation shortcut when logging into the Customer Portal Administration interface (ci/admin pages).  The Widgets tab also provides helpful information, such as Widget Info and Widget Versions.

Customize the Text on the Page

You can modify specific text used on the Ask a Question page by editing the appropriate Message Bases.

August 2012 through present: As of the August 2012 release, message bases are accessed from the Configuration button on the navigation pane under Site Configuration > Message Bases. You can easily search the message bases from here and then make edits. You can also create custom message bases.

May 2012 and previous versions: From the Message Base editor, you can use the Category menu or generate a report of all message bases to find a specific message base of interest. You can also use the search feature to more easily locate message bases containing specific words and phrases.

For more information on editing message bases, refer to Answer ID 383: Determining Which Message Base to Edit.