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Editing configuration settings
Answer ID 1960   |   Last Review Date 06/13/2022

How do I access and edit the configuration settings?


Configuration Settings, Configuration Editor
Oracle B2C Service


Your Oracle B2C Service application includes many configuration settings that allow you to enable or disable several features within your site. In addition, some configuration settings allow you to specify how a certain feature is supposed to work.

You can access, edit, and customize these configuration settings through the Configuration Editor. Each configuration setting includes a description that defines how the setting works and what the default value is so that you can easily restore a setting to its default value if you wish.

When you change configuration settings, a record of the update is retained in the configuration Log File. The Log File allows you to easily determine when a setting was last updated, by whom, and what the previous value was. For more information regarding the configuration Log File, refer to Answer ID 585: Monitoring Changes Made to Configuration Settings.

The Configuration Settings editor gives you more control over customizing your site. The editor displays as a report with category folders and run-time selectable filters that make searching more effective. In addition, values for configuration settings can now be edited inline.

Configuration Editor Window

Configuration Editor - Access and Editing 

Staff members can access the Configuration Settings Editor only if their staff profile allows it. The staff profile must have the Configuration option enabled on the Administration tab. 

To access the Configuration Setting Editor:

  • Select the Configuration navigation button
  • Select Site Configuration > Configuration Settings
  • Enter the name of the setting into the Key field 
    • Confirm the correct Configuration Base, Type and Folders selections are made.  If you're unsure, check 'Select All'.
  • Select Search

    Wildcard searching can be done using the percent sign (%).  For example, you can enter EGW_% to view settings relating to email gateway (EGW) or %SESSION% to see all values that have SESSION in the name of the configuration parameter.

To edit the value of a Configuration Setting:

  • Click into the Value field or,
  • Double click on the setting to open the setting editor or,
  • With the setting highlighted, select the Edit Selection option from the top ribbon
  • Once changes are complete, select Save & Close (if in the setting editor) or Save to ensure all changes take affect.

For additional information, refer to the 'How You Customize Configuration Settings' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.