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URL for installing and logging into the Oracle B2C Service application
Answer ID 578   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2020

What is the ClickOnce URL for logging into the Oracle B2C Service console of our application?


Oracle B2C Service
ClickOnce URL, Installations


Workstations must also have Internet Explorer as their default browser. Refer to Answer ID 4157: Installing the Oracle B2C Service application with Internet Explorer as the default browser

To view the ClickOnce URL (admin login page), start from, click the Site Tools link. Then click Site Information under the Hosting Services. Verify your credentials (if prompted) and Login. 

Use the steps below to install and log in to your site:

  1. Use the following URL to install the Oracle B2C Service application and log in:

         example -

    Note: If your interface uses a custom vhost the launch URL will be modified as follows:

         example -

  2. Click Install Oracle B2C Service.  The application downloads to your workstation, which takes a few moments.  When complete, the Login window opens.

  3. Enter your Username and Password as configured in your staff account. Both the username and the password are case sensitive. 

  4. The Site field defaults to the site indicated by the above URL. 

  5. Click Login. Oracle B2C Service updates and loads all necessary support files and opens the Oracle B2C Service application. The Oracle B2C Service icon displays in your system tray on the bottom right of your screen

Note: After the application is installed, the staff member can launch the login page from their Programs menu (Start > Programs > RightNow) or create a shortcut to the login page on their desktop.  The dropdown in the login screen is a quick access history of installed interfaces.

New sites: If you are logging in to a new site, log in using "administrator" in all lower-case letters and the password provided to you at the time the site was created so that you can access the site to create staff profiles and staff accounts. Once you are logged in as the administrator, for security purposes, you should add a password for that account.

For more information on the administrator account, refer to Answer ID 2059: Oracle B2C Service System Administrator account.