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Receiving 'Out of Memory' Error
Answer ID 5642   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

Why are agents getting 'Out of Memory' errors and how can we stop this from happening?


Agent Console


Out of Memory Error issues can have different causes and as such, pinpointing the issue and resolution typically comes down to obtaining detailed steps to reproduce. If you experience an Out of Memory Error please review the following answer to verify that your workstation specifications match the requirements to run your version of Oracle B2C Service:

Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements

Please make any necessary adjustments to your workstations to comply with these specifications. If you have been able to verify that this is not the issue, the next step will be to compile as much of the following information as possible before submitting an incident to Technical Support for investigation.  By including these details in your incident submission we will be able to troubleshoot your specific issue as quickly and efficiently as possible:

1. When did this issue begin? Were there any changes to your environment that occurred recently?
2. Please provide the usernames for any affected agents.
3. Do your agents log out of the CX application every night?
4. About how long after logging into the application does the error occur?
5. What are the exact steps to reproduce this issue? (Please list 1,2,3...)

While collecting the steps to reproduce, please provide as much of the following information as possible:
Approximately how many of the following records did you open or edit since the last console startup until the error occurs?

Reports opened:
Reports edited:
Workspaces edited:
Were you doing other work in the console?  (Please be as specific as you can)

6. Please gather the troubleshooting data described in the following answer while two agents attempt to reproduce the problem: one that cannot reproduce the issue, and one that can (if possible).

Answer ID 2412: Workstation and Network Data Collector (OSCinfo.bat utility)