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Images in report / dashboard do not display when generated
Answer ID 5294   |   Last Review Date 02/10/2020

How can I change my report to display the image added to a report?


Analytics, Dashboards, Images, Header, Footer
Oracle B2C Service


I have added an image to a report / dashboard. The image displays in design view, but does not display when I run the report.


Page Header/Footer:
When inserting a picture into a report or dashboard, it may be that you have inserted the image into the "Page Header" or "Page Footer". Images inserted into the Page Header or Page Footer will only display when printing the report.

Edit report, select Page Setup tab in ribbon, options for Page Header and Page Footer appear in the Print section

Report Header/Footer:
If you place the image into the "Report Header", "Dashboard Header", "Report Footer", or "Dashboard Footer", the image will appear when you run the report or dashboard.

Edit report, select Display tab in ribbon, options for Report Header and Report Footer are available