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"Was this answer helpful?" Answer Feedback Data
Answer ID 5193   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

Is there a standard report that will provide answer data for the "Was this answer helpful?" question?


Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service
Answer Feedback, Analytics for Answer Feedback


In Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service, the standard report "Answers Viewed by Answer" (report ID 4) displays the end user data gathered by the "Was this answer helpful?" question.  This report uses the ans_stats table, provides answer feedback information, and shows the total number of answers accessed from the end-user pages over a specified time period.  The report can be found in Reports Explorer by navigating to:

\Public Reports\Service\Site Reports\Answers Viewed

You can use this report to determine which answers have been selected, as well as which are most useful. You can also track how the score of an answer changes over time. Running the report and drilling down on a specific day displays a list of answers. Because answer feedback can be configured to be either a simple Yes/No or a ranking star system you will have ratings from 0% to 100%. When Yes/No is used, the 'Rank #1 Count' column represents a No and the 'Rank #5 Count' column represents a Yes.


If this report is not detailed enough for your reporting needs, you can use the ans_stats table to create a custom report for answer feedback. For example, filter on incident source equals 'Feedback on Answers'.

The Data Dictionary will be helpful in creating/modifying custom reports: 
Answer ID 2611: Accessing the data dictionary .

If you need further, more in-depth assistance, skilled consultants from our Professional Services team can assist you with your custom reporting questions, or can build custom reports for you.  Professional Services consultations may be obtained for a standard consulting fee.  Please contact your Salesperson for more information regarding a Professional Services engagement.

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