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How to reset a new interface to 'out-of-the-box' default look and feel
Answer ID 5091   |   Last Review Date 12/22/2021

How can we reset an interface to have the default 'out-of-the-box' look and feel?


Customer Portal / End-User Pages


When a new interface is added to your existing site, you must clone the look and feel from another interface on the same site.  The 'default look' option is the primary interface. If selected, this will automatically carry over the end-user page content, and look and feel of the interface used to clone this new interface.  To reset the content and look and feel of the new interface to default, please submit an incident to Ask Technical Support.  Technical Support Customizations will reset the end-user pages to default, and then you will need to redeploy your CP pages for the interface.

To deploy Customer Portal pages:

  1. Log in to the Oracle B2C Service application.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Customer Portal
  3. Click Stage in the ribbon.
  4. Review the changes if needed and click Next when prompted.
  5. Click Stage
  6. When Staging is complete, click Promote in the ribbon to make the changes live. A warning message tells you that the changes will be immedi­ately visible to your customers.
  7. Click OK at the warning to continue. A status bar displays progress as the files are com­piled. Then a message asks if you want to finalize deployment.
  8. Click Yes. When the process is complete, a window lets you know deployment was suc­cessful.
  9. Click OK to close the message. The deployment process created a log that now appears under the Deployment Logs heading.
This process will reset the end-user page look and feel to the default out of the box setting. There is currently no method to reset administrative functionality (workspaces, navigation sets, reports) to default. This must be done manually by a site administrator.