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Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled
Answer ID 4649   |   Last Review Date 01/15/2019

Why am I seeing an error message trying to deploy Custom Objects?


Oracle B2C Service releases during an update.


I receive the following error when trying to deploy changes to Custom Objects:

Deployments are currently disabled on this interface to avoid conflicts with a scheduled version upgrade.


Deploying (No object deployments may be performed until deployment has completed.)


Custom Object deployment is unavailable during the following times:

1. From the start of an upgrade site clone until the upgrade site is available for access

2. From 7 days prior to update cutover until the completion of the update cutover

3. For a period of time (varies by site) starting 24 hours after update cutover until the update post operation completes. This can take several days, or even over a week in some cases.

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