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Update Process Status in Configuration Assistant
Answer ID 11232   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2020

What are the Configuration Assistant update status implications?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), Configuration Assistant


The Oracle Cloud Portal ( has various self-service tools and B2C Service users are able to monitor the status of an update process. Detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Log into Configuration Assistant
  2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the Site Operations hamburger menu on the right side of your Oracle B2C Service production site and select "Manage My Update".
  3. Check under the "Production Site Status" section.

Production Site Status


Eligible for Update

A newer version of Oracle B2C Service is available.  An update is not currently underway.

Update in Flight

An update is underway.  From now until the site status is “On Latest Version”:

Interfaces cannot be created, renamed, nor disabled.  The site cannot be transported to a different data center.  New mailboxes cannot be provisioned.

Creation and updates to message base records and configuration settings create risk and require special handling.  Refer to 
changes carried forward at update cutover for more information.  Lastly, custom field and Custom Object deployments are restricted.

A concise update helps minimize the impact of these production restrictions.

Cutover in Progress

Production cutover is in progress.

Cutover Complete

Production cutover completed.  Avoid refreshing a test site at this stage because the update POST process is not complete.

Post Cutover Process in Progress

The update POST process starts 24 hours after the cutover. Test site refreshes should not be initiated during this time.

Post Cutover Process Complete

The POST process completed.  Test sites should be refreshed now.

On Latest Version

The site is running on the newest version of Oracle B2C Service.  An update is not currently underway.  All production update restrictions are removed.