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Displaying support in Facebook
Answer ID 4538   |   Last Review Date 11/09/2019

Why isn't the application that displays the knowledge base of our CX site working in the Facebook fan page?


November 2011, Facebook


It is likely the Oracle B2C Service for Facebook feature was not configured properly.  Example: The Page Tab URL and Secure Page Tab URL both end in "splash/". Please refer to Answer 4193: Configuring Self Service for Facebook for the latest CX for Facebook configuration guide.

To correct this, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support.  When submitting support incidents to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support regarding CX for Facebook please provide the following:

1. The exact URL to the Facebook Fan Page that contains the CX for Facebook app. EX:

2. Screen shots of your Facebook settings found at (see screen shots below)

Screen shots of your Facebook settings found at

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