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Items copied over when cloning a new interface
Answer ID 4534   |   Last Review Date 12/22/2021

What items are copied over when cloning a new interface?


Site Configuration / Interfaces


When cloning a new interface, you must clone the look and feel from another interface on the same site.  The 'default look' option is the primary interface.  Many administrative items such as staff accounts, profile and rules are accessible for editing from any interface.  However, some items are interface specific.  In these cases, copies of existing items are made and only accessible in the newly created interface.  For administrators, it is important to note which details are copied forward and which are not.

Copies of the following items are made in the newly created interface:

  • Navigation sets
  • Workspaces/Workflows
  • Reports  
  • Message Bases

The items listed below are not copied over and can be created as new items in the cloned interface:

  • Mailboxes
  • Surveys
  • Campaigns
  • Mailings *
  • Questions
  • Documents
  • Templates
  • Snippets
  • Customizations *

*Mailboxes are copied over to the new interface however, the POP server information will not be. Thus, the point is mailboxes will not work until reconfigured properly.

*If customizations need to be applied to a new interface from the existing interface being copied then Oracle Consulting Services must be engaged to perform this task.

For more information regarding shared features, please see Answer ID 2001: Service features shared across multiple interfaces.

For more information on how to clone an interface, please see Answer ID 968: Cloning an interface.