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Oracle B2C Service ODBC Export deprecation ended
Answer ID 4522   |   Last Review Date 04/12/2020

How long will we have to move away from ODBC?

As of Nov 1, 2015, all access to ODBC export feature has been disabled. This ODBC export feature was deprecated on December 31, 2011.

This announcement supports the evolution of the Oracle B2C Service Platform by standardizing our clients on open API based interfaces to Oracle B2C Service data that provide backward compatibility and seamless ability to update.
Integrations based on Connect Web Services for SOAP will offer the best interoperability, delivering the capabilities of seamless ability to update, broadest integration compatibility, and the richest feature set. 

Action Required:

  • All future integrations should use one or more of the following: Connect Web Services for SOAP, Connect for PHP, and ROQL (RightNow Object Query Language).
  • Existing integrations and customizations should also be converted from the ODBC Export with a completion target date no later than the feature removal date of November 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, contact your Account Executive or submit a service request to Ask Technical Support for assistance.

Why has ODBC been removed?
To fulfill our commitment to backward compatibility and seamless updates Oracle B2C Service is standardizing integration points based on our "Connect Common Object Model."   The Connect Common Object Model, supported by our public APIs, provides a "managed layer" offering true backward compatibility in support of seamless updates.

What alternative is there to ODBC?
Our legacy ODBC offering provides read-only access to the replication data store.  A likely alternative to the use of ODBC is to leverage our public APIs such as Connect Web Services for SOAP or Connect PHP to extract data from Oracle B2C Service.  More information on Connect Web Services for SOAP can be found here.

Some recommendations for migration can be found on our Integrations and APIs for Service Forum.

We understand that not all clients leveraging ODBC may have access to developers to use those APIs.  For those clients who may not have access to developers to work with our public APIs, we would recommend working with 3rd party data integration technology partners.  Partners with "out-of- the-box" data connectors for Oracle B2C Service include Pervasive, CastIron (IBM), Boomi (Dell), and SnapLogic.  More information on data integration technology from Oracle B2C Service partners can be found here.

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