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Storing additional files and graphics for answers
Answer ID 4161   |   Last Review Date 03/15/2021

Can I store additional graphics and files in the images directory for use with our published answers?


Answer Images / Graphics
Oracle B2C Service


Best Practice

As a best practice, we advise you to host your files and graphics on your own web servers and link to that file (through an HTTPS address) within your answer content.

Storing in /assets/ directory - Not Recommend

Note:  This method is not recommended because on creation of an upgrade site there should be no changes to the /assets/ folder contents until after cutover.  When the upgrade site is created, the current contents of the /assets/ folder is copied.  Future changes on production will not be migrated to the update version so files may be missing after cutover.

Customers can choose to upload images that can be embedded in answers through the /assets/ directory on WebDAV. Each image uploaded in this fashion will get a URL that is addressable. That URL will have the format of https:<site url>/euf/assets/images/*/<filename>.<filetype>. The asterisk represents any sub directories you may create in WebDAV.

Important Note:

Each Oracle B2C Service customer, with a purchase of session transaction blocks, gets an allocation of storage and bandwidth. Storage and bandwidth are for use of the entire solution (including use of the agent desktop, etc.) and are not exclusive to Customer Portal interactions. While customers can, within limits, use these allocations as they wish, storage of images, rich media and other file types on the Oracle B2C Service web server will consume both storage (for placement) and bandwidth (for provision). With sufficient size, this has the potential for taking you out of compliance on contracted allocations.

For more information on WebDAV, refer to Answer ID 2600: Configuring WebDAV connection to access the Customer Portal.