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Maximum size of file attachments
Answer ID 280   |   Last Review Date 10/24/2020

What is the maximum size of file attachments I can attach to a record?


File Attachments, Mailboxes
Oracle B2C Service


File Attachments for Ask a Question Submittals and Administrative Records

A number of factors affect what size file attachments can be attached within your Oracle B2C Service application. This applies to files attached to your records from the administration pages, such as a staff member attaching a file to an incident, answer, or sales opportunity.  This also applies to files attached to incidents that are submitted from the Ask a Question page and Chat.

The FATTACH_MAX_SIZE configuration setting specifies the maximum size in bytes of files which can be uploaded to the Oracle B2C Service Server. Maximum is 125829120 (120 MB). Default value for Oracle hosted mailboxes is 20971520 (20 MB) and the highest(server side limit) value is 30MB. However, several other variables also affect the maximum size.  The FATTACH_MAX_SIZE is also used to restrict the size of a report being forwarded.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

All web servers supported by Oracle contain a time-out setting that terminates connections after a set period. All sites have this set to 5 minutes as a security precaution. In general, this time period has the biggest effect on the maximum allowed file attachment size. This is also applicable when attaching files for a service request in the Oracle B2C Service Support site.

With average bandwidth, most users can attach files of about 5.5 to 8 MB in 5 minutes. So, for all practical purposes, this is the limit. Keep in mind, circumstances exist when you would not be able to attach a 6 MB file to an incident -- primarily due to your connection speed to your Web server (or our hosting facilities if applicable). If a user is running via a modem or other slower connection, they might only be able to attach small files to an incident. Users with exceptionally high bandwidth, however, might be able to attach files larger than 8 MB. The maximum size file attachment you can submit through the end-user pages is constrained primarily by a 5 minute limit on submission time.

In addition, some networks and firewalls have limits on the file sizes that can be passed through a connection. In some cases this setting is the limiting factor in attachment size.

Sites which were originally created on versions older than August 2015 may require an adjustment to the PHP.INI file to reflect some large file attachment size settings. If you make changes to your attachment size, your site was created prior to August 2015, and your changes do not appear to be working please create a service request with support asking for an an adjustment to the PHP.INI file on our servers.

File Attachments for Email Submittals

File attachments arriving in your Oracle B2C Service site via email are affected by the setting specified in your mailbox setup. Settings in your mailbox configuration have no effect on file attachments uploaded from the end-user pages or attached from the administration pages. For information regarding mailbox setup, refer to Setting Up a Mailbox.

If your mailbox is hosted by Oracle, there is a 30 MB server hard size limit which cannot be increased for emailed attachments both to and from the hosted account. This change was implemented September 2020. The default size limit set per mailbox is 5 MB, so if you want to receive larger files, up to 30MB, you will need to adjust your mailbox settings accordingly.

For emails which have attachment larger than 30 MB you will receive the following bounced message and the email will not be delivered

"Your message wasn't delivered to anyone because it's too large. The limit is 30 MB. Your message is XX MB.

Your message is larger than the size limit for messages. Please make it smaller and try sending it again.

SMTPSEND.OverAdvertisedSize; message size exceeds fixed maximum size"

Email accounts not hosted by Oracle may not have this same size limitation. Check with your mail administrator or provider for details in this case.

Accessing Files that Exceed the Maximum

For larger files that you want to attach to an answer or incident, consider storing your file on your web server. These files would be stored in a location along with the other pages for your corporate web site.

You can then use the URL for that file as either a link in an answer or provide the URL in a response to an incident to allow access to the file or document. This allows you to avoid the attachment size consideration. To use this method, work with your IT group or your webmaster to determine where the file should be stored and how to access it.