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Updates to navigation sets do not take effect
Answer ID 2462   |   Last Review Date 01/24/2023

Why do staff not see navigation set modifications?


Navigation Sets, Profile Options


If you update a navigation set and those changes are not implemented when the staff member logs in, this is an indication that the staff member's profile allows them to customize their navigation set. This can be enabled by editing the profile and enabling the Customize Navigation Sets checkbox located in the Interfaces section.

Note: Changes to Navigation sets may also be implemented by setting the Navigation set back to the default:

Click File (top left) and go Options > Navigation Pane > check the box "Reset Navigation Set to Profile Default" > choose OK.

They should notice a change if they log out and back in.

Staff Profile Allows Staff to Customize the Navigation Set  

If the Customize Navigation Sets button is enabled, in the staff profile, the navigation set in the profile defines the initial navigation configuration used by the staff member. From that basis, staff can add and remove items to their navigation set as they wish.

If an administrator edits a navigation set from the Configuration items > Application Appearances > Navigation Sets, changes to the navigation set are not updated for staff members who can customize their navigation set. 

That is, editing a navigation set does not push additional items or a customized list to an existing navigation set if staff have the ability to customize their navigation set.  Instead, staff members must add or remove the items themselves when they are logged in.

Forcing changes to a navigation set: If you determine that you must force the changes to the navigation set out to your staff members, you can do so.  However, all customizations made by the staff member will be lost.

You can edit the staff profile to use a different navigation set and then edit the profile again and set it to the navigation set that has been modified.  When a profile is saved with a different navigation set, that navigation set is pushed out to the staff members and the customized navigation set configured by the staff member is lost.

Important!  Before modifying the navigation set in a profile, be sure to notify your staff that they will lose their customizations. This allows them the opportunity to review which customizations they have made and document them so that they can more easily customize their navigation set after their profile is modified.

In addition, modify the profile during non-peak hours and request that your agents log out temporarily while you modify the profile.

Note:  If you only have a couple of modifications, consider sending an email to your staff and having them add, remove, or replace certain reports on their own.

Editing reports: If a staff member edits a report that is used as part of a navigation set (the report is used by several staff members), the edits to the report affect all staff who use that report. To prevent this, consider removing the edit privileges for standard reports from the Analytics section of the staff profile.

For staff groups who can customize their navigation sets, train your staff to not remove or edit standard reports that are to be used and available across all members of that group. This ensures that the common items initially configured in their navigation set remain available to all staff.

Staff Cannot Customize their Navigation Set  

Administrators can modify the navigation set from the Configuration items > Application Appearances > Navigation Sets folder. Staff using that navigation set will see the changes the next time they log in to the application.

That is, administrator changes to a navigation set ARE pushed to the staff members when their profile does not have the Customize Navigation Set option enabled.

New Items and Profile Permissions  

When a feature is added to the New Items list within a navigation set, staff must have 'create' permissions enabled for that item to be available.  

To help illustrate:

Agent Adams with Profile A does not have permissions to reports or custom objects.

Agent Bryans with Profile B does have all permissions enabled for reports and all custom objects (CO).

Both profiles use the same navigation set which has 'New Report' and 'New Customer CO' included in the New Items listing.  

Result: These items will appear for Agent B when accessing File Menu > New, but will not appear for Agent A.