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Using different run-time parameters for reports in a dashboard
Answer ID 2436   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How can I have different run-time parameters for reports in the same dashboard?


Analytics, Run-time Filters in Dashboards
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When running multiple reports in the same dashboard, run-time filters for the same field can either be combined across the reports or each filter can be listed separately for each report. For example, if you want one report to list unresolved incidents created in the previous week and another report to list waiting incidents, you can use a run-time filter for incident status in each report, but not have those filters combined in the Search window.

To indicate whether the run-time filters should be combined:

1. Open the dashboard for editing.
2. From the Home tab, select the Options button and enable or disable the Combine Filters on the Same Field in Search Dialog item.

3. Save the dashboard

When the Combine Filters check box is enabled, filters shared across reports are listed at the top of the Search window under the Common Filters heading. Filters for each specific report are listed below the common filter.

When the Combine Filters check box is disabled, the filters for each report are listed separately under a heading for that report name. For example, if incident status is included as a filter for multiple reports and the Combine Filters box is clear, the status filter is listed separately under each report heading and each filter can be set independently for the different reports.

Dashboards honor fixed filters as they are configured in each report. Since you cannot edit fixed filters at run-time, the report generates the reports in the dashboard using the criteria set in the fixed filters.

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