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Determining who has logged in to the Oracle B2C Service application
Answer ID 2336   |   Last Review Date 05/13/2022

How can I tell which of our staff members have logged in to the Oracle B2C Service application in the last week? 




The Agent Login and Group Login reports allow you to view which staff members have logged in to your Oracle B2C Service application within a time period you specify.

These reports are accessed from the Report explorer using the path:

Public Reports > Service folder > Agent Reports folder > Agent Login folder

The Agent Login report (ID 530) includes run-time filters for a date range, agents name and date grouping so that the results are grouped by day, week, month, or year.  This allows you to select specific staff accounts of interest to review their login history.

The Group Login report (ID 540) includes run-time filters for the date range, the staff group name and date grouping.  This allows you to view the login activity for specific staff groups as a whole.

For more information about these reports, you can right click on them from the Report Explorer and select to View Definitions. The Report Definitions page provides filters and output expressions, along with a description.

Custom reports:  You can copy the Agent Login or Group Login report and then edit the copy of the report. This allows you to modify the filters and output columns to match different criteria of interest.

If you are unable to see expected reports, you may want to check the Analytics permissions associated with your profile.  See Assign Analytics Permissions for information on each permission type.