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Testing email responses from an upgrade or test site
Answer ID 2145   |   Last Review Date 01/23/2023

How can I test email responses from my upgrade or test site?


Oracle B2C Service, Mailboxes, Email


All production mailboxes are copied and then disabled when your upgrade site is created or your test site refreshed. To test email responses you must enable a service mailbox.

Without an active mailbox, the Send Response checkbox will be grayed out and inactive. In addition, you need to remove '.invalid' from email addresses of contacts you will be using for testing.

Step 1: Enable Oracle-hosted mailboxes using Configuration Assistant
To enable Oracle-hosted service mailboxes via Configuration Assistant, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the 'Edit a Mailbox' section of the Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant Documentation.

For more information on Configuration Assistant, refer to Answer 7537: Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal and/or consult your Technical Account Manager (TAM) or submit a service request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support.


Step 2: Check Mailbox settings in the Oracle B2C Service .NET console

The following applies to both Oracle-hosted mailboxes and non Oracle-hosted mailboxes.

  1. The mailboxes are visible in the .NET agent console in Configuration > Site Configuration > Mailboxes.
  2. Select the mailbox you are interested in using.
  3. Check the boxes Outgoing Email Enable and Incoming Email Enable.
  4. Click Save.

Step 3: Remove '.invalid' from contacts

Edit an existing contact record, such as your own contact record, or create a new contact record using a valid email address. Contact records have '.invalid' appended to the email address so you do not inadvertently send someone a response from your upgrade/test site. Refer to Answer 1288: All email addresses are invalidated on an upgrade or test site for more details.

NOTE: The Email Address, Reply To Address, and POP Account field values are appended with  '__tst#' (where # is a number) to differentiate them from the production mailboxes and those of other clone sites. We have an automated process that names mailboxes on clone sites regardless of the name or type of the site. Since upgrade sites are clones of production they use also the _tst# convention. Note that test site mailboxes are numbered with the lowest number available on each clone of the production site. Therefore, the site URL may not match the mailbox name.