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Mailboxes setup - A service pop account may not be configured as an outbound mailbox
Answer ID 6251   |   Last Review Date 06/18/2020

How do I fix my mailboxes when I have a duplicate pop account error?


Mailboxes, Sites updating to August 2013 or newer


Occasionally an Outreach mailbox is created with pop details from service pop account or vice versa.  Even though the mailboxes are fundamentally different in capacity and the email address this misconfiguration may work in daily use. However, on update these mailboxes may not work appropriately. 

The pop details, from and reply to address in the mismatched mailbox should be replaced with those from the correct mailbox type. It may be necessary to request a new Outreach pop account or the pop details from an existing pop account of the correct type from support to make this change. If a new service pop account is required, refer to Configuration of Oracle-hosted Service and Outreach mailboxes for steps to accomplish this.

If the mailbox has not been in use for some time and was not enabled for either incoming or outgoing mail then it can be deleted.