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Updating Oracle B2C Service fundamentals
Answer ID 2062   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2022

What is the purpose of an upgrade site?


Oracle B2C Service


The upgrade site is intended for version update testing. A full production clone is automatically created when an update begins. That clone is then updated to the targeted version and known as the "upgrade site". The upgrade site is a complete copy of the production database and configuration files, but excludes file attachments. The upgrade site is destroyed when the production site cuts over to the targeted version. The Oracle B2C Service update mechanics require an upgrade site. When a production Oracle B2C Service site is updated to a new version, the production database is merged with the upgrade site configuration files. Therefore, a test site cannot replace an upgrade site during an update.

The following components are generally tested on the upgrade site:

  • Service emails and incident management
  • Customer Portal functionality in addition to "look and feel"
  • External integrations & Chat
  • Best practices for testing
Start to finish updates should be completed in a timely fashion. The average duration is two weeks. A concise update helps minimize the impact of production restrictions which occur during an update. Interfaces cannot be created, renamed, nor disabled. New mailboxes cannot be provisioned. Creation and updates to message base records and configuration settings create risk and require special handling. Refer to changes carried forward at update cutover for more information. Lastly, custom field and Custom Object deployments are restricted.

There are important differences between a test site and an upgrade site even though both site types are non-production. Some customers elect to perform some or all testing in their test site instead of in their upgrade site. Customers taking this unconventional approach should ensure their test site is kept up to date with production. Test sites are managed by the customer via the Configuration Assistant. In summary, if the site name contains "upgrade", then the site is an upgrade site. The site name can be seen in the URL when installing the .NET agent console and also in the Customer Portal URLs.