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Error Log and System Error notifications
Answer ID 1853   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

What kind of information can I get from the Error Log?


System Error Log file
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


The Error Log displays a detailed list of errors that have occurred on your site. This feature allows you to identify issues that have caused errors on your site and the timeframe they occurred in. The error log can assist in pinpointing root causes of issues as they arise.

Staff members whose profile allows access to the Error Log also receive System Error notifications to indicate that a process in the system has generated an error.

  • These notifications can be accessed from the Communications Center by double-clicking the Notifications item. You can also access these messages from the Error Log. 

To access the error log: From the Configuration items, select Site Configuration > Logs. Click the Error Log button on the ribbon. Errors are displayed in a table with the following information:

Application: Defines which application is affected –- i.e. Oracle B2C Service PHP, techmail, agedatabase, reportgen, and many more.  

Type: Description of the error type -- Campaign, Configuration, Internal, POP3 Protocol, Rules, SMTP Protocol, SQL, SSL or Unclassified Bounce Message.

Count: Number of times that this error occurred within a 24-hour time period. 

First occurrence: The date and time stamp when the error first occurred. 

Most recent occurrence: The date and time stamp when the error last occurred. 

Error message: Concise details of the error. 

To view the details of an error: You can either drill down by double-clicking the error or you can use the mouse to hover over the particular error and the details will display in a small pop-up window. Multiple, identical errors that occur within a 24-hour timeframe are consolidated into a single error. The Count field indicates the number of occurrences within the timeframe. To view identical errors individually, drill-down into the error log by double-clicking on the error itself.

To filter the errors listed: The error log includes three drop-down menus that allows the user to filter output. Use the Application, Error Type, or Interface menu to view errors specific to the values selected in the menus.

For information on the various Logs and filter options available, refer to the  'Log File Errors and Information' and 'Open Log Files' sections in online documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.