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Chats are not showing in the Rule Runtime Log
Answer ID 12286   |   Last Review Date 01/04/2023

Why is the Rule Runtime Log not working for Chats?


Oracle B2C Service, Browser UI Enhanced Business Rules, Chat Business Rules


Once your site has migrated to the Enhanced Business Rules in the Browser UI, you can view the Rule Runtime Logs to determine which rules have been triggered against your business objects. The Rule Runtime Logs can also be used to determine which chat rules were triggered for a particular chat.

The column "chat_route_id" in the chats table needs to be used to verify the rule log for chats in the Rule Runtime Log. You can use a custom report that includes the "chat_route_id"  column to find this value for a particular chat.

To find which rules triggered for a specific chat:

  1. Open the Rule Runtime Log Report  (Report id: 13158)
  2. Choose Chat (or BRChatRoute on older product versions) for the Object Type
  3. Use the "chat_route_id" as the filter for ID in the Rule Runtime Log Report to get the chat. 

Note: There are certain scenarios where it is expected for the value of "chat_route_id" field to be Null:

  • Chats requested through the ProActive Chat widget - see Answer Link Proactive Chat for additional details.
  • Chats requested through Conditional Chat Link widget, unless "ignore_preroute" attribute is enabled (set to True) - see Answer Link Chat rules not working with ConditionalChatLink for additional details.