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Chat rules not working with ConditionalChatLink
Answer ID 6523   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Our chat routing rules are not working with our ConditionalChatLink. Why?


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We have routing rules in place that route based on the product selection, but all chats are going to the default queue instead.


Chats rules for chats submitted with ConditionalChatLink source work a bit differently.

In short, when the home page first loads, the widget runs the rules.  Because there are no parameters defined at that time (i.e. within the widget), the chat is routed to the default queue.  If there are no logged in agents with access to the default queue, the conditional chat link will be unavailable.  To resolve this behavior, logged in agents must have the default queue added within their profiles.

After it is clicked, the user is then on the chat_launch form.  They make their selections and hit submit.  At that point, the system already knows it has run the rules (i.e. based on the chat_data parameter in the URL being passed) so it does not run them again.  For this reason, parameters added from the chat_launch page (i.e. product value) are ignored.

To resolve this second part, you can enable the "ignore_preroute" attribute within the conditional chat widget.

This widget determines an appropriate Chat queue and agent availability for that queue based upon available information and chat routing rules.  We refer to this as the 'pre-routed' queue.  If the 'ignore_preroute'  is enabled (i.e. the attribute is set to 'true'), subsequent data captured (e.g. from the 'chat_launch') will be used for routing purposes and the chat may be assigned to a queue that is different than the pre-routed queue, which may result in unexpected wait time.  If the 'ignore_preroute' is disabled (i.e. the attribute is set to 'false'),  subsequent data captured (e.g. from the 'chat_launch') will be ignored and the chat will be placed directly into to the 'pre-routed'  queue.

For more information on this attribute, please see the Documentation link from the Customer Portal Administration page:  Widget Documentation > Standard Widgets > Chat > ConditionalChatLink > Toggles section.

See also the 'Configure the syndicated ConditionalChatLink widget' and 'Configure conditional Chat' sections in online documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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