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Live Experience not able to properly connect from some locations
Answer ID 11981   |   Last Review Date 10/07/2021

Why can't users on our network properly connect to Live Experience?


Live Experience connectivity on a company network


Users on a company network are not able to fully connect to Live Experience. When using the public internet, it works as expected.

The below URL has useful information on the requirements for Live Experience, scroll to "Make Sure Your System Is Optimized for Live Experience".

Live Experience Requirements

Using one of the below URLs will bring up a Live Experience diagnostics screen.

An error can be seen in the Network tab as in the below image

This is caused by outgoing connections to the Live Experience TURN servers being blocked. TURN servers are often utilized by multi-media applications and can be on less common ports. Also for Live Experience they are hosted on a different sub-domain from the main application.


On the proxy or firewall used by your company outgoing connections will need to be opened for * on ports 443, 5349 and 347. Below is the domain full list used by Live Experience, however the list could change at any time and that is why we recommend using the wildcard *