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Contact purging using Data Lifecycle policies leaves incidents with 'No value' contact
Answer ID 11968   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2021

What should I do if I purge contacts and the corresponding incidents are not also purged?


Oracle B2C Service, Data lifecycle Policies


The way contact purge is designed, it would be expected for the corresponding incidents to not be purged and remain with a 'No Value' contact. If you would like to remove these incidents as well, a new report based data lifecycle policy can be created for incidents that purges all incidents with a 'NULL'/'No value' c_id(contact id).

In order to get the policy to run you need to:

1. create a report that finds all incidents with a 'No value' c_id. You will need a filter on incidents.c_id equals 'No value'

2. Go to Data Lifecycle policies -> Incidents -> Add New

3. Select Report based policy

4. Use the report created in step 1 

5. Enable the policy and save it


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