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Spam Management Updates for B2C Service Mailboxes
Answer ID 11667   |   Last Review Date 07/21/2020

Information about Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)'s transition to a new spam management infrastructure.

This answer contains information you may need for B2C Service's upcoming move to a new spam management infrastructure.  The content in this answer will be updated as more information is available, particularly cutover dates for particular datacenters.

As of July 31st, 2020, the current spam management portal for your B2C Service mailboxes will be phased out and replaced on a rolling datacenter by datacenter basis.  The new portal will have additional functionality and features and a new user interface that should improve your ability to monitor and manage spam settings and quarantined emails.

Cutover Schedule

All cutover times will be during scheduled maintenance periods for your datacenter.  If your datacenter is not listed here, you can subscribe to this answer so that you receive notifications when it is updated.  You can also expect to receive a directed email from B2C Service Technical Support with the date of your cutover, at least a week prior to it.

Currently Scheduled Cutovers

Datacenter Date
Brazil (BR) July 31st, 2020
Toronto (TR) August 7th, 2020
Frankfurt (FF) August 7th, 2020
All Other Datacenters TBD

What do you need to do?

We are currently working to make this cutover as seamless as possible for you.  However, you will want to at a minimum set time aside to, after cutover, verify that your settings from the legacy system have been carried over as you expect.  The legacy filter for your mailboxes will still be active for several weeks after cutover, and you will be able to access your settings as before via the legacy spam management page.  

Going forward, you can find your new spam quarantine by going to the new spam management page.  That page will help direct you to the correct URL for quarantine management (which you may bookmark if you want to skip a step in the future), and it will also let you request your mailbox credentials if you don't have them.  A functionality change to note - you will need your mailbox credentials to get access to the new quarantine.

As stated, if you don't know the credentials for your mailbox(es), you will be able to retrieve them from the above page.  In addition, you can always reset your mailbox passwords via Configuration Assistant.  If you don't know the URL for logging into configuration assistant for your site, you can get it here.  If you don't have access to Configuration Assistant, please contact the Contact Manager for your organization.

Should further actions be required, this answer will be updated to that effect and you will also receive instructions via email.

How do I use the new portal?

There is some documentation here on how to manage your quarantine settings and quarantined emails.  We will also shortly be posting a training video that will walk through some of the important functionality in the new portal.

Other important information

Even if your site has migrated to the new spam quarantine, if your mailbox Reply To address does not have the datacenter in it (meaning the domain is, your mailbox will still be using the legacy barracuda filters on  and

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