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Service Usage Metrics Required Permissions
Answer ID 11627   |   Last Review Date 06/17/2021

What profile permissions are required for agents to access Service Usage Metrics?


Browswer User Interface (BUI), Oracle B2C Service 20B and later


The Service Usage Metrics feature for BUI allows site administrators to view information about Tier 1-3 Session and Seat usage for your site.

Service Usage Metrics Dashboard

When you upgrade to Oracle B2C Service 20B or later you will have the option to add the new Service Usage Metrics component (located in Components -> Common) to your navigation set. 

Service Usage Metrics added to Navigation menu


In addition to adding the component to your navigation set, you must ensure the agent's profile has the "Administration" permission enabled within Permissions -> Administration tab.  

The Service Usage Metrics is only available in the Agent Browser User Interface.



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