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'Invalid Manager' message appears when I attempt to select a manager for a staff account
Answer ID 10837   |   Last Review Date 04/30/2019

Why do I see a message that says 'Invalid Manager' when I attempt to select a manager for a staff account?


Staff Accounts, Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Staff account managment levels (hierarchy) are limited to 12 levels. There are 12 "Account Hierarchy - Level" fields in the accounts table which hold the account ID for each management level.
If you see this message, that means you are choosing a manager that will put this account in a position to exceed this limitation. So, you'll need to choose an account for the manager which does not have a count of higher level managers combined with the current count of manager levels for this edited account, that would exceed 12.
For example, say you have AgentA who has 10 levels of management below them. Including their level that takes us to 11 levels. So, in order to add a manager to AgentA, you would have to choose an account which has no manager so that we don't exceed the 12 levels of management. If we choose AccountB (which has no manager), when we'll be right at the limit of 12 and that will be accepted. The 12 levels include the 10 accounts under AccountA, AccountA as 1, and the 1 account assigned as the manager to AccountA. 
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