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Notable points in Incident Thread Redaction
Answer ID 10611   |   Last Review Date 11/15/2021

What are the notable points when redacting the incident thread content?


Incident Thread Correction
Oracle B2C Service, August 2018 and newer releases


Incident thread redaction feature provides the ability for users with special permissions to redact previously entered data in the incident threads. This feature is exposed via the "Incident Thread Correction" element in the Service Console that allows privileged users to edit or remove text and images from threads.

The following are the key points to note when redacting the incident thread content:

  1. Thread redaction can be done incident by incident only.
  2. The thread redaction is exposed via the “Incident Thread Correction” element. It cannot be done from the Incident editor.
  3. To access the “Incident Thread Correction” element, you must have Administration permissions set in your profile. Additionally, you must have the “Edit/Delete Committed Thread Content permission” set in your profile to edit incident thread content and delete images.
  4. A thread cannot be completely *deleted*; but the content or the text can be erased. If the entire thread text is removed on editing, the thread text will be set as “Message Removed <current date/time>” when the pop-up editor is closed.
  5. Removing inline images from threads:

    It’s recommended that you perform the following when removing inline images from threads –
    • Select the “Remove Thread Images” checkbox against the threads from which inline images have to be removed
    • Remove the <img> tags from the corresponding thread HTML content.

      a) When “Remove Thread Images” checkbox is selected against a thread, all inline images associated with the thread will be removed. You cannot selectively remove inline images from a thread.

      b) When removing the inline images from the thread, the <img> tags in the thread HTML should be removed manually from the thread content; if not, a black box with an X icon will be displayed in the incident thread editor indicating that the inline image was removed. The image tag begins with '<img src=' and ends with '/>'.

      c) Removing the <img> tags in the thread HTML will only hide the images from being displayed in the threads while selecting the “Remove Thread images” checkbox will also delete the inline images from the server.
  6. If the “Incident Thread Correction” editor is closed with pending changes, you will be prompted to save or cancel edits

For additional information, refer to the “Edit or Convert a Response Thread” section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.