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Sign and encrypt an incident response
Answer ID 10554   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

How do I sign and encrypt an incident response?


Mailboxes, Oracle B2C Service, all versions


Follow this procedure to sign and encrypt an incident response.

1. Click Options and select the Always Show for Response and Show Sign/Encrypt check boxes below Email Message Header.

2. Select the Sign check box.

 You cannot select the Sign check box if the Service mailbox does not have a certificate that allows sending encrypted email.

3. To encrypt your response to the contact, click the Do Not Encrypt drop-down menu and select Encrypt When Possible or Encrypt Always.

You cannot select an encryption option if the contact you are responding to does not have a certificate that allows receiving encrypted email. If you select Encrypt Always, you can select only addresses that have certificates associated with them.

Note, attachments are converted to text and become part of an email.  Therefore, they have the same security as the email itself.

For more information about this functionality please check Product Documentation. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.