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Incident Workspace Edits to Encrypt Incident Responses
Answer ID 11800   |   Last Review Date 02/04/2021

Why are the encrypt options dropdown grayed out?


Oracle B2C Service


The incident response options for encryption are grayed out even after setting up the S/MIME certification for the mailbox and the contact record (Parts 1 and 2 of Configuring SMIME security).


By default, there is a delay in the execution of the contacts report within the incident workspace.  This delay can be removed by following the steps below, although the specific location of the contacts report in your incident workpace may have been moved in a previous edit:

  1. Open the incident workspace for editing (Navigate to Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces / Workflows and select the incident workspace you need to edit)
  2. Click the Contacts tab
  3. In the child tab Contacts, click the gray area.
  4. In the ribbon click 'Design' under Object Tools
  5. Click 'Report Behavior' dropdown and uncheck 'Delay Report Execution'
  6. Save and Close the workspace editing.

A screenshot with corresponding step numbers for the standard incident workspace is provided below.