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Knowledge Advanced Customer Portal Suggestions for search
Answer ID 10546   |   Last Review Date 11/03/2019

Why are some of my articles not included in the suggested searches when the OkcsSuggestions widget is present?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
Customer Portal


The addition of the OkcsSuggestions widget does not show all of the articles I expect when typing a search term.


The suggested search utilizes attributes from the Content Type configuration that have both the 'Enable attribute level searching' and 'Include in master record identifier' checked.  Under normal usage, the updates to the articles will trigger an update to the lucene indexing and allow those titles to be seen in suggestions.

If the attribute level search and/or the master identifier where changed after the creation of the content, the content prior to this change will not have been indexed properly to appear in the suggested search recommendations.  This can be resolved by running a full reindex of the content type.

  1. First make sure the Title attribute is correctly enabled as the master identifier and for attribute level searching.
  2. Run the indexing again for the content type that was updated.

Authoring -> Tools -> Full Text Search -> Reindex. Click the All button next to the content type that had a configuration change.


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