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Things you can't change during an AUP cycle
Answer ID 10408   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2018

What types of changes are blocked during an AUP update cycle?


Oracle B2C Service Updates


I need to make a customization/configuration change my Production site while an Auto Update Program (AUP) cycle is underway.


Please reference "Changes carried forward at update cutover" for a complete list of changes allowed during an update project/cycle.

As a quick note, features/functionality that is blocked or limited during an AUP cycle are:

  • Custom Object Edit/Deploy - blocked while the upgrade site is building, blocked during the 7-days leading up to the scheduled cutover date
  • Add-In Manager - deletion is blocked during an AUP cycle, edits are allowed but changes must be made in both the upgrade site and production
  • Modifications to interfaces or addition of new interfaces
  • The overall code-freeze period has been reduced to only the final 8 hours before a cutover for AUP enrolled sites - with the help of the File Sync feature.
Remember that if the Upgrade site has already been built, your update is "locked-in" to the targeted product release and you must first complete the update to this release before targeting a newer release (See Changing a target version after upgrade site creation).


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