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Working with answer Feedback for multiple locales
Answer ID 9888   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why does the customer portal display Q1, then answers that A1 and A2 in an interface that is not the main interface (usually English)?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
Customer Portal
Answer Feedback


I see A1, Q1, Q2 and in the customer portal for ratings feedback on an interface that is translated from another interface. 


In Knowledge Advanced, interfaces are mapped to different locales by the use of Views and each customer portal interface has a View and corresponding locale associated with it.  For Knowledge Advanced Feedback Forms, Ratings and Recommendations, the display text for all locales defaults to Q1 for questions and A1, A2 up to A5 for answers. The display text must be changed in Authoring under the new locale for Form, Ratings or Recommendations that were created under a different locale.  i.e. A user has their default locale set to the locale that is showing Q1, A1 etc.  This is either done by the administrator for users or users that are allowed to change their own locale under 'My Authoring Settings'.  Note that the display text for different locales is only available while working under that locale and is managed differently than content translations.


The Online Help documentation is available from Answer ID 8156: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced.  For more information on User management, see Managing Users