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Using accessibility screen readers, such as JAWS, with the Browser UI
Answer ID 9873   |   Last Review Date 01/04/2019

Does Browser UI (BUI) require specific configuration for use with screenreaders, such as JAWS?


Accessibility Interface, BUI
Oracle B2C Service


For accessibility and screen reader use, the Accessibility Interface was removed in the February 2017 release of Oracle B2C Service, and replaced by the Oracle B2C Service Browser User Interface.

There is no special configuration in the Browser UI (BUI) for using screenreaders, such as JAWS (Job Access With Speech). BUI is a web page viewed in a browser, therefore, it can be accessed in screen readers the same as any other web site.

To use BUI, your agent profiles must have BUI permission and your workspaces must be optimized for BUI. Please note that all features in the Oracle B2C Service console are not yet available in the Browser UI and customizations need to be ported over. Please refer to this answer for more information: Answer ID 8173: Documentation for Supported Features in Browser User Interface

Additional documentation for BUI is provided in the following answer: Answer ID 9026: Browser User Interface Documentation