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Toast Notifications delayed
Answer ID 9843   |   Last Review Date 06/09/2020

Is there a configuration setting to receive toast notifications immediately?


Application Configuration
Oracle B2C Service 20B and later


When an incident is updated, the users are not receiving the toast notification right away, but rather, after a delay of many minutes. We are unable to locate any configuration to keep this from happening.


LS_NOTIF_RELOAD_FREQ specifies the frequency in minutes of auto-reloads after inactivity of the Notifications panel. The minimum value is 5 and the maximum is 999. Default is 15.

In case an incident is assigned,resigned,updated etc, but the agent is not performing actions on the CX console like refreshing,opening etc,  the toast notification is not going to appear right away when the incident is updated, because the console is inactive. So the notification is going to appear in the CX console when the agent is going to send a response,refresh etc, or in case the  console is inactive, when the time of 15 minutes is reached according to your setting LS_NOTIF_RELOAD_FREQ.

In this situation, you have two possibilities:

1. One is to enable the Notify Always check box in the staff account. With the Notify Always feature, an email is sent for every event that triggers a notification. The email is sent for each notification received even if the staff member is logged in and it is sent in real time. In this way the agent is going to be notified before the toast notification is sent.

2. Another option would be to change the value for the configuration setting LS_NOTIF_RELOAD_FREQ, from 15 to 5 minutes.

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