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When I try to use the mc_trans table to create a report, the table is unavailable
Answer ID 9772   |   Last Review Date 09/19/2018

Why can't I use the mc_trans table when I try to create a report?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


The reason the mc_trans table is not showing up when trying to create a report is due to this table not having analytics visibility. This is the expected product behavior.

If you would like, you can submit an enhancement request on our Idea lab web site.

Many factors go into planning Oracle B2C Service releases.  Participating in the Idea Lab is the simplest and most direct way to share your ideas and enhancement requests with us.  If you have already shared your idea with us through other channels, you are encouraged to also post it on "Ideas," so that your suggestion can be openly discussed and voted on by other customers and the Oracle B2C Service team.

This addition to the Oracle B2C Service Community is part of our ongoing commitment to continue to improve the customer experience we deliver to you.  That is why we are asking for your help in finding, evolving, and prioritizing the ideas that will best help you.

We regularly review enhancement requests on a periodic basis for inclusion in future product releases.  For detailed information on our enhancements process, please review Enhancement requests review and evaluation.